Does your personality match with the dogs personality? Just like finding that special person you want to spend your life with you need to be compatible with your dog.

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When deciding on what dog to bring home there is a lot to consider. Start by reading Dr. Daniel F. Tortoras book The Right Dog for You. This book outlines a lot of things that you probably never considered when purchasing a dog. Like, considering the civility, stability and courage of the dog. Research the breed of dog, consult a veterinarian, trainers and food/equipment needed for your dog. Below are the three things you also consider when bringing your dog into the household.

#1 Personality 

     Are you compatible with the dog? Just like finding that special someone, you want to make sure you want to spend the rest of your life with dog.

#2 Family

     Think about your kids and family members. If you have small kids but the dog doesn't feel comfortable with small kids maybe that dog is not for your family. 

#3 Life Style

     Are you an introvert and prefer to stay inside then maybe you should consider a dog that doesn't have a high drive. If you like being active then pick a dog that can be as active as you.

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