How Bob Smith Got Started Training Dogs

     While Bob Smith served in Vietnam, he trained a white German Shepherd mix to be the unit's mascot. The unit loved spending time with the dog and the profound affect of having a dog around boosted not only Bob's morale, but that of the unit as well. 

     After Vietnam he was reassigned to Germany. He quickly noticed how the community interacted with the dogs as well as the mannerssocialization and general demeanor of dog's in general.

     When Bob's time was finished in Germany, he packed everything up and made yet another move to Fort Sill, OK. It was then that Bob noticed that dogs in general in the United States were chained up in the yard and most didn't know how to interact with other dogs or people. 

    Bob made his way to the Humane Society once he was settled there in Oklahoma feeling the need for a companion. There was a German Shepherd that needed to be rescued and Bob was told to return in seven days to adopt the dog. Tragically upon Bob's return, the Shepard had been euthanized due to a miscommunication. This devastated Bob and from that point on, Bob vowed to adopt and train as many dog's as he could. During this time Fort Sill only allowed three dogs in a residence at a time, and thus Bob would adopt three dogs at a time, train and rehome them and go right back to get three more. This is the point in time that started the idea of "Socialize, Don't Euthanize!"

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